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Minerals & Metals
Our main concentration in this field of business is in Fluorspar, a Rare Earth mineral used for manufacturing of Refrigerant Gases such as HCFC Gases, HCF Gases and HF Gases. We have been dealing in Fluorspar from China since 1979 catering to all major refrigerant gas manufacturers. Apart from the above we are also dealing in various Tungsten and Molybdenum products, Rare Earch NdFeb Magnets ( (Neodymium - Iron - Boron - Based Magnet)
  Application : for use in Refrigerant Gases.
CaCO3   0.5% MAX.
SiO2 1.2% MAX.
Organic Matter 0.030% MAX.
P2O5   0.025% MAX.
Sulphur 0.025% MAX.
Density 1800 KG/m3
Arsenic Impurities 0.01% MAX.
Fe2O3-Al2O3 1.3% MAX.
Moisture 10% MAX
SIZE: 20 MESH - 100%MIN
  100 Mesh - 90%MIN
  325 Mesh - 60^MAX
Tungsten & Molybdenum Products
Ammonium Paratungstate
Application : Raw material for producing WO3 blue tungsten oxide AMT and tungsten powder.
Ammonium Metatungstate
Application : Mainly used for petroleum industry. It’s the basic raw material of W –
base catalyzer used in oil refinery.
Ammonium Paramolybdate
Application : Used as the raw material for the production of moly powder, bar, rod,
wire and moly alloy. Also as the raw material for chemical industry and
high efficient chemical fertilizer for agriculture.
Tungsten Trioxide
Application : Mainly used as the raw material for cemented carbide, tungsten powder,
W – base alloy vacuum electronic device and electro – optical device
and chemical industry as well.
Blue Tungsten Oxide
Application : Raw material for hydrogenolysis tungsten powder, Used for producing
doped tungsten powder, tungsten bar, tungsten rod, tingsten wire and
W – base high density alloy.
Tungsten Powder
Hi – Temp Tungsten Wire
Application : Hi-Temp structural material (printing pins, nuts and screws), Halogen
lamp holders, hi-temp furnace heating elements and leads for quartz and
hi-temp ceramic materials
Tungsten Carbide Powder
Application : For producing cemented carbide, etc.
Tungsten Bar and Green Tungsten Plate
Tungsten Granule
Application : Mainly used as flux for C – S analysis
Crystallized Tungsten Powder.
White Tungsten Wire
Application : Replacing black tungsten wire, less lamp production procedures.
Tungsten Cerium Plate
Application : Arc welding, plasma welding and cutting in inert atmosphere.
Tungsten Lanthanum Plate
Application : Arc welding, plasma welding and cutting in inert atmosphere.
Tungsten Heating Element
Application : Mirror making, aluminum vapor deposition on plastics.
W – base High Density Alloy
Application : Use for instrumentations, medical, military and astronautic industry.
Moly Powder, Spraying Moly Powder
Application : Used as the raw material for moly and moly alloy products such as large
green moly plate, moly silicone electrical heating element, SCR disc
and moly penetrator. The spraying moly powder is used for the surface
spray coating of wear parts such as automobile gear, piston ring and
clutch. It can be used with other welding material for spraying too.
Powder Metallurgy Moly Penetrator
Moly Plate
Square Moly Bar
Round Moly Bar
Molybdenum Rod
Application : Suitable for making all kinds of electrode and heating element
Molybdenum Wire
Moly Electrode
Moly Disc
Spraying Moly Wire
Application : Suitable for the spraying if the surface of wear parts.
White Moly Wire
Application : Replacing black moly wires as lamp holders, leads, core wire and
connecting materials.
Moly Wire for Rolling Strip
Application : Suitable for the rolling of Moly Strip
Moly Wire for Heating
Application : Suitable for making heating element oven and magnetron.
Moly Wire for Cutting
Application : Suitable for electro – discharge machining.
Moly Wire for Redrawing
Application : Suitable for redrawing slimmer wire
Moly Wire for Lamp
Application : Suitable for making filament, supporting wire and lead-out. Widely used in electronic and electro –lighting industry.
- Black Moly Wire
- White Moly Wire
W wire
Application : Single or Double lamp wires, fluorescence lamp wires, energy saving lamp wires, single and halogen lamp wires and hi-tem lamp wires.
Application : Mirror making, aluminum vapor deposition on plastics or on white and black and color picture tubes.
W Bar
Grade : W1
Application : Magnetrans, and lamp holders and grids.
Grade : WAL 1
Application : Discharge lamp electrodes, magnetron, and lamp holders and grids.
Moly Wire
Application : Single or double spiral core wires, magnetron grids for lamps. Locating rods and leading in pins, etc.
Wire Cutting Moly Wire
Grade : Mo1Q
Application : Cutting machining for copper molds, hardmetal magnetic material etc.
Grade : Mo3Q
Application : with dopped rare earth elements, suitable for high current (3A5A) high Efficiency
Solid Cemented Carbide Tools
NDFEB Magnets
  Sintered - NDFEB - Permanent Magnets
(Neodymium - Iron - Boron - Based Magnet)
  Application :
Micro Motors
Electric Motors
Electric Motor for Electric Vehicles
Micro Speakers
Micro Speakers for PDP, TV and Laptop
Vibration Motors for Mobile
Voice Coil Motor (VCM) for HDD)
Magnetic Ressonance Imaging (MRI)
Rock Phosphate
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